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  1. We can terminate or suspend our site or discontinue your use

It is on all our discretion to modify, suspend, or terminate our site (Temporarily or permanently) or any part of it without giving any notice.

Magz tech is not liable for any modification, suspension, or termination to any third party. And you agree with it before using our content or submitting content to our site for publication.

We have the right to stop your access to the site at any given moment with or without any reason. We do that while considering in our best interest and in the interest of all our users.

  • We own all rights of our site and content; when you submit content to us, then you grant all rights to us

(a)Our site presents content in the form of photographs, video, graphics, audio, and text, which is protected by all copyright laws of the US and other countries. All our content is considered as the collective work of our organization. We have all the rights for licensing and publishing.

If you submit articles, photographs, audio, or any form of content, then you must abide by copyright laws. Moreover, you have to abide by our restrictions and conditions for submitting content.

(b)When you post or submit content on our site (regardless of medium or the form, i.e., video, text, audio, graphics, and more), you are granting our affiliate agents and us the rights to display and publish the content. 

You also grant us the right to modify your content and publish it on our affiliated publications.

If you submit a video, then we can modify, edit, re-edit or integrate your video into our content. You grant us the right to do that without any limitation.

(c)For all submissions and posting on our site, you are solely responsible for the consequences of your content.

While submitting your content to us, you issue the following warrant.

  1. You own the licenses, rights, permissions to use the content. And you are granting us all licenses, rights, and permissions according to copyright laws.
  2. You have provided your consent to release the information about an identifiable individual in your submissions.
  3. You are submitting content of a third party with all permissions from copyright law, and you are not violating any trade secret of a business or person, along with intellectual property law abidance.
  4. You are not submitting material that is obscene, pornographic, threatening, unlawful, defamatory, libelous, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or encourage criminal conduct.
  5. You are not submitting any falsehood information.
  6. If you are posting advertisements in your content, then our syndicate has the authority to remove it from your content or modify it according to terms and conditions.
  7. You can claim copyright infringements

If you believe that our content infringes upon your copyright ownership, then you can contact us for the removal of such content from our site.

  • Restrictions on use of content

You cannot copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, enter in a database, display, perform, create derivative work, transmit, or exploit the content. If you want to do so in a legal manner, then you need our permission. We may or may not grant you permission.

You may print copies of our content for personal use. But you cannot distribute it for any purpose. If you do so, then you are responsible for consequences, not us.

You cannot distribute our content to local area networks. But you can provide links of or site pages in order to provide access to the content.

The content on our site is for fair use only. You will be solely responsible for any criminal use of our content.

If you provide our site in a third party setting to people, then we are not responsible for the advertisement and use of our content. If we found third-party settings working with our site, then we are free to claim damages in any legal court.

  • We are not responsible or hold opinions of our content contributors

All opinions and statements from users and third parties are not the opinions of Magz tech. We do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of content produced by users and third parties. Such as guest bloggers. You acknowledge that before using our site.

We do not have the responsibility to continuously monitor content on our site. If you find any unlawful or objectionable content on our site, then you can contact us and provide us with detail. We will look into the matter and remove the content if found reasonably objectionable. It is our sole discretion to remove or continue the presence of such content. We are not obliged to all requests from anyone.

We are not liable for defamatory, offensive, pornographic, and unlawful content from users. If you find any on our site, then you can contact us for removal. We will do that after our core meeting and consideration. And we will also ban the user or third party from our site.

  • If you violate any term or condition, then you are solely responsible

If you violate any term or condition, then you will be responsible for all legal procedures, including time consumption and legal fees.

Magz tech is not liable for any consequence that you face due to violating terms and conditions. You agree that Magz tech is harmless in such matters that aroused due to your violation.

  • Disclaimer for the use of the site

The following disclaimer is associated with the use of our site.

  • Our site is available, “As it is.” We do not claim any uninterrupted or error-free service.
  • Delays, interruptions, inaccuracies in the content may happen on our site.
  • We do not provide any warranty for products and services that are advertised on our site, whether this advertisement is from the company or any third party. So, dealing with the advertisement cannot bring liability to us.
  • We do not endorse accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and reliability of the information on our content in any form or medium, whether from users or third parties.
  • We have the right to correct the content as we like. We can accept suggestions. But we are not obliged to follow any particular suggestion.
  • We do not guarantee that our content will not contain any viruses or worms. Most of the content is from users and third parties, which may or may not include infectious material. So, downloading is the sole responsibility of the user.
  • Our content is a mixture of many ingredients, such as pictures, pieces of advice, opinions, text, audio, video, flash items, or more. And we are not responsible for the use of our content or part of it from you. If you do that, then you are solely responsible for consequences.
  • Users can use our data as a reference. Other than referencing, we do not allow any particular use of our data.
  • If you market our data, then we can claim damages.
  • We do not take responsibility for linked sites

We do not accept responsibility for linked sites with our site. We do not have control over linked sites. That’s we cannot endorse the availability of services from linked sites.

If you opt for services from linked sites, then we are not responsible for content accuracy, quality, advertisement, products, and services. You agree with the condition that we are not responsible for your damages due to linked sites.

You can use the content, products, and services of our linked site on your own. We do not advise or recommend any linked site with a guarantee.

  • Magz tech and affiliate links

According to Federal Trade Commission regulations, we have to endorse products and services that we have a material connection with the seller.

All links of products and services within our site are affiliate links, and we receive a commission from the seller. If you are a reader and buys a product, then there will be a commission for us. We are telling you this according to the regulations of FTC.

  1.  We are obliged to disclose information in a matter of courts

You acknowledge that if we are ordered by court or law enforcement agencies, then we have to provide them your name, IP address, username, and IP location. Moreover, we may also provide the data uploaded by you.

  1.  Our liability is limited to you

Magz tech and its affiliates, employees, managers, directors, shareholders, and agents are not liable for indirect or incidental damages to you due to the use of our site.

If there is a direct issue with our site, then we are liable to only that amount, which is paid by you.

Other than that, we are not responsible for any amount of damages from you due to any direct or indirect incident.